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Behind the Words

I am Cary, a forty-something British author living in Hayling Island, UK,  with my partner and cat. ​I have worked in theatre and events management, but with the pandemic of 2020, my career was forced to change. I now write full-time, and I hope my writing can bring in a new income. I plan to publish my first book soon. I have a few stories published online, but they don’t pay the bills.


​For all my adult life (and a bit of my teen life), I have enjoyed the world of BDSM and Master/slave relationships. When I was an early twenty-something, I was a 24/7 live-in slave under contract for a few years to a wonderful Master. But I naturally developed into a Master myself. I feel that my experiences as a slave made me a better Master, and most of my writing is on the Master/slave subject.


​Having such a power dynamic in a relationship is not for everyone. I have found that when you embrace it, you can find something unique and create a compelling and loving bond between two or more people.


​Over my life, I have delved into both sides of the power dynamic in BDSM. I have had people submit to me, some slaves under contract, and some just wanting the one-off meets. I have equally submitted to dominant people and Masters. All have been enriching experiences for everyone involved. 


​My partner and I have been together since 2008, and we married in 2013. We are very close, but our relationship has evolved over time, and we have agreed to have an open relationship and see others – if that be hookups or something long-term, we are free to explore whatever comes. I enjoy being versatile in my sexual roles, whether the Dominant Master or the submissive slave. I enjoy both and can easily switch into any role.


I am predominantly attracted to men, but I am also attracted to all sexes. If you had to put a label on me (I would preferably not be labelled), I would imagine I would have the label of bisexual or even pansexual. I am much more fluid and flexible than any label. After all, life is to be enjoyed, even more so today! I want to have fun new experiences with other people – so please get in touch or try and arrange a meeting!